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125ml If you think you know what a chilli sauce taste like, then you have not tasted a real chilli sauce. Packed with equal flavor and heat! As with all our sauces, it is a very versatile sauce and can...
R 40,00
125ml Not a sauce you can get everywhere. Home smoked JalapeƱos, smoked for 6 hours with wine barrel oak, gives this Chipotle a beautiful natural smoky flavor and heat to go with it.
R 60,00
A beautiful orange colored pure Habanero sauce, with no other chilli's added. The distinct Habanero taste does not get lost with the smokiness and flavor. Use to spice up stir fries, soups, stews and pasta...
R 60,00
Hot Peri Peri
125ml Hot Peri Peri, a spicy hot sauce with a lingering heat. Turn up the heat on chicken and pork or any dish. It has immense amount of spice and flavor. As with all our sauces, it is a very versatile...
R 60,00
125ml Ever wanted to eat a Jalapeno but did not want to taste the heat? With this amazing sweet Jalapeno sauce you can. The true Jalapeno flavor comes through but with no heat, no burn. Perfect for added...
R 40,00
125ml We used an original recipe with wine and oil to create this magical Protuguese sauce
R 60,00
A Well balanced and well flavored Sriracha sauce. Our recipe was created from original authentic Sriracha recipes
R 60,00
Sweet Ginger Chilli
125ml A balanced sweet chilli with garlic and ginger as the main ingredients and a hint of chilli. Definitely not your commercial sweet chilli, packed with flavor and a sweet sticky syrup.
R 60,00
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